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    Лайкни меня

    Site of "The Sound mp3" - this site, which contains a variety of sounds of our many-sided life.

    Nature sounds, soothing and uplifting, that most often hear in meditation or relaxation. Sounds of gently rumbling transport engine BMW X5 to a wild race car sound, the sound of the animal world, where you can hear mewing cat or tiger growl. Sounds of the various mechanical tools that we use in everyday life - and it sounds chainsaws, drills and the sounds and the sound of circular saws. Mechanical sounds include voice robot, an alien spaceship landing, single shots or bursts of different weapons. Sounds of different special effects: breaking glass or the sound emission caps of bottles of champagne.

    All the collected sounds we split into categories so that the visitor was easier to find the proper sound. On the site you can listen to any record sounds and then order it by filling out the form with the name and e-mail. At the address specified by you in the form, will receive a letter with a link to a page ordered by sound.

    In addition to the sounds on this site are short audio tones, which are used to phone calls. Request a melody can be just as sound by clicking on the menu above the relevant section. Sounds and music to be ordered and downloaded free of charge.

     We want to draw your attention to the red heart, which is in the right corner of each submission. By clicking on the heart, each user can vote for your favorite sounds or melodies.

    All material is provided for your reference. If the holder of any material is not willing to link or information is disseminated without his consent, the administration of the site will remove the links.

    Sounds to listen to mp3 and download for free